Issuing agent services

Issuing agent services

It is our pleasure to introduce you the service of issuing agent. Within the issuing agent service, a broker organizes for a client (an issuer) of the securities the tasks related to issuing a security through a public offer with and without the obligation to publish a prospect and to include the security at an organized market.

The broker-dealer company Eurobroker a.d. Banja Luka as an issuing agent provides a complete service of preparing and implementing the issuance through a public offer as follows:

  • advising a company about the quantity and the price under which the securities are to be issued,
  • preparing the decision on the issuance for the shareholders meeting,
  • preparing the documents necessary to conclude a contract with a bank – depository to pay the money per the securities purchase,
  • drafting of a preliminary prospect and a prospect,
  • drafting a request for the Securities Commission to approve both the preliminary prospect and the prospect,
  • drafting an issuance notification for the public,
  • developing registration forms for the issuance,
  • organizing and realizing the registration and payment of the securities from the new issuance,
  • monitoring the registration and payment of the securities pursuant to the pre-purchase right and drafting a special report on the number of the registered and paid securities based on this right,
  • drafting and submitting a report on the issuance results to the Commission,
  • drafting and submitting a request to the Commission to register the securities from the new issuance  in the Commission's register of issuers,
  • drafting and submitting a report on the new issuance results,
  • preparing the documentation necessary to enter the securities into the Central Registry of Securities (CRS) and their transfer in the clients' accounts in the CRS,
  • registrating the securities from the new issuance at the Banja Luka Stock Exchange,
  • coordinating, reporting, oral and written consulting related to the issuance, archiving and preserving the documents related to the issuance.

(The permission of the Commission of Securities was issued on 12th July 2017 under the Decision 01-UP-56-346-2/17 which is valid until 12th July 2020.)


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