Eurobroker – Your way to markets worldwide
A direct access to the market of shares, options, futures, forex, securities, ETFs and CFDs from one international account.
Finance your account in several currencies. Trading resources denominated in several currencies from one account.
Maximise your investment potential with a variety of investment instruments and products

  • Trading with shares, options, futures, securities, FX and other instruments at various markets. An integrated approach makes trading with global products stated in various currencies easy. Access all stock exchange markets worldwide in a simple and quick manner.
More possibilities to form investment strategies

  • Developing more strategies in accordance with the investor's risk/income portfolio by combining various investment instruments and products. We enable you to use long/short strategies in order to take advantage of market upturn or downturn, hedge yourself through options, invest into individual shares or markets through ETF or other derivatives.
Guarantee of liquidity and execution of trading orders

  • Guaranteeing the immediate execution of all market orders within 2 seconds from the moment of their issuance.
The most comparative prices of trading at international markets for all clients

Leverage your investment potential: trading account margin up to 4x1
Eurobroker provides its clients with fast, cheap and simple trading at any stock market worldwide.

To trade at the foreign markets, you shall meet the following requirements:
  • have some knowledge and experience from the capital market or have your investment advisor if you do not have any knowledge and experience,
  • the minimum payment (deposit) to open an account at the foreign markets of US$5,000 or equivalent to the dollar amount;
  • be over the age of 21 to open an account on the margins or older than 18 to open an account in money (in deposit).More information about the Ino account and foreign markets may be found in our Brochure – Trading at the Foreign Markets.
What do you need to open an account?
In order to open an Ino account, you need to provide some information and submit some documents the list of which is given on the following LINK.
Shares and ETFs Fixed amount Minimal amount per transaction Maximal amount per transaction
Natural and legal persons USD0.075 per share USD10.00 2%
Institutional investors USD0.05 per share USD5.00 0.4%

American options Commission Minimal amount per transaction
Premium => USD0.10 USD1.40 per contract USD5.00
USD0.05 =< Premium < USD0.10 USD1.00 per contract USD5.00
Premium < USD0.05 USD0.50 per contract USD5.00
Shares and ETFs Fixed amount Minimal amount per transaction
Natural and legal persons 0.5% per deal value EUR10.00
Institutional investors 0.35% per deal value EUR10.00

European options Commission Minimal amount per transaction
All EUR5.00 per contract EUR5.00


One account for the whole world

Eurobroker InoTraderWorkstation (ITW) enables trading with shares, options, futures, forex, securities and funds at more than 100 markets worldwide from one account.

ITW Mosaic

The mosaic is developed to provide with its intuitive out-of-the-box thinking a quick and simple trading and managing of orders, charts, watchlists and portfolios within one, adaptable work environment.

Research, news and data

An access to relevant news, research, fundaments and market data, including the leading informative services such as Reuters, Dow Jones, flyonthewall.com and the world-renowned analysists, in real time.

Monitoring in real time

Our system for monitoring in real time enables you to check the current status of your order all the time to get the precise picture of market conditions.

Risk management

Our sophisticated technology for risk assessment helps you manage the risk at the dynamic market using our products Risk Navigator, Model Navigator, Option Analytics.

Paper Trading

You can practice your trading skills in a simulated trading environment with an order to trade with virtual securities. You can observe how your strategies perform while you develop, apply and master the skills you will have to trade without risking your own money.

Mobile version

You want to trade at the world stock exchange in move? Download the application for mobile devices.

Desktop version

Our professional desktop trading platform – Eurobroker InoTraderWorkstation (ITW).

Web version

Eurobroker InoTraderWorkstation (ITW) for trading via web browser.


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