Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor

We provide the service of investment counselling related to securities trading. Our professional team can answer all your questions in order to help you make as better decisions on investing as possible.
Investment counselling includes:

  • informing clients about the situation at the securities market and counselling them in relation with purchasing i.e. selling securities,
  • giving legal or financial pieces of advice from the field of corporative management,
  • carrying out technical, fundamental and other analyses,
  • participating in drafting legal and other acts and documents,
  • performing other similar tasks for clients.

For more information, please contact us through the phone number +387 51 230 820 or by email office[a]eurobroker.ba.

(The permission of the Commission of Securities was issued on 12th July 2017 under the Decision 01-UP-56-346-2/17 which is valid until 12th July 2020.)


Broker - dealer company "Eurobroker"a.d. Banja Luka

Street : Kralja Alfonsa XIII 26, Banja Luka

Email : office@eurobroker.ba

Phone : +387 51 230 820

Viber : +387 66 770 077

Skype : eurobroker2001

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